Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Unlike Her Mother

Claire is NOT a homebody. This girl is happy when she gets out of the house & gets to see & hear new things.

How do you like my brown speckled kitchen floor. Gorgeous, wouldn't ya say? (that's a bit of sarcasm there)

Apartment photos coming soon. I promise. The goal this weekend is to get all boxes out of the way.


Chanel said...

She is sooo alert! Another smarty for sure!!!
You're a homebody??? I don;t think so at all! You're so friendly and outgoing, look how you get out each day- you really inspire me!
she's precious!!!!

Dylan said...

Claire is a cutie.

Dylan said...

Also, Candace, you are not a "homebody." You are a "homegirl." Fo shizzle.

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