Saturday, July 21, 2007

Feeling Full

I took Sadie to the Lake Erie Science & Nature Museum yesterday. It is an animal rehabilitation facility. On display they had owls, turtles, ducks, fish & lots of other little animals. She had a great time. She loved this bridge over a pond. I thought it was quite cool that she just sat right down on it. I felt like such a good mom for taking her out & stimulating her senses & her mind.

Yesterday evening after the girls went to bed, Dylan & I got to spend some time together without any interruptions. I decided not to do any sewing & or any other chores. We watched some TV & talked & I totally felt like we were young kids again. You know that wonderful falling in love feeling that kinda gets put aside for the demands of your kids...well we were totally high on that last night. I think that it came about for me because I've been somewhat successful this week in finding a balance. I've found some time to craft & focus on my creativity. I've done some fun things with my kids & not just left them in their jammies all day watching TV. I've stayed somewhat on top of my household chores. I got to spend some time with my man.

Last night as I was going to bed my heart just felt so full. I peeked in on Sadie sleeping in her bed. I looked over Claire sleeping in her basket & waited for Dylan to come in after taking the dog out. I seriously felt like my heart was swollen in my chest. I know it all sounds so cheesy, but it's true...and I can't even express how much I love my family. Maybe we all need those quiet moments to remember that. And hopefully this new found balance will stick around for next week.

Also, I loved this series of photos. Love how the magazine goes down & the tickle hand comes out.


Amber said...

You have some really cool place there. Fun for kids. And Sadie looks so cute with her glasses. How is she doing with that?

Heather said...

It's nice to feel balance. I am glad that things are working and everyone is getting what they need in your family. Especially you.

I love Sadie's skirt. And the places to see in that town! Cool stuff.

raeday said...

She's too cute sitting on that bridge!

I wish there was cool, green nature to explore here.

Chanel said...

awesomw! i know that swelling heart feeling, its the best- hard to achieve though. :)

series of picts is GREAT!!!

ekreynolds said...

candace your little sadie is so cute her hair is getting so long. i remember when she was s bald and you worried. Look at that ponie!!

The Fellers said...

ok...somehow I missed this post, and as I was reading your post on photos I decided to look back, once again to some of your amazing photos, and lo and behold, here this was. Then as I was reading it I was sad that I had even missed it to begin with. That was so nice Candace...I promise I really did start to cry, because you prompted me to start thinking of my family! I love that you are not ashamed to share that with us, thank you!

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