Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July!

Our 4th started off with the Lakewood parade. Our bishop lives right on the parade route so a lot of our ward members meet at their house to watch the parade. Can I tell you how much I love our ward out here. They are so friendly & seriously feels like we've been here forever. Like we're just old friends.

Sadie loved the parade. These bigger boys kept gathering up candy & slipping it into her bag. Sadie loved the fire truck, motorcycles & the trumpets. She was telling me about the little trumpets & the big trumpets. I think she was talking about the tubas.

There were no tractors or horses like we're used to...but they did have two bagpipe bands.

After the morning activities, we decided to take a drive to Detroit, Michigan. It's about 2-1/2 hours away. We went for the the Comerica CityFest and to take both of our girls to their first ever rock & roll show. Spoon was playing at the fest & the show was FREE! Press play on that link & listen. Seriously. You will love it.

Trying to keep Claire's ears safe. But man do I love live music. And I love leaving a show & not being able to hear anything. But not this time...we stood off to the side of the speakers.

Still an absolutely wonderful show. It was fun to hold my babies & dance. Even though I imagined all the hipster kids looking at us & thinking, "that's a shame...look at those very uncool people thinking they're cool". We met another couple there with their little girl. We began talking & found out that we were both mormon. It was funny. The girl told me her husband said there was a mormon looking family over by the gate. That would be us.

Later, Sadie got into the skate park that was set up right behind us & started climbing on & sliding down all the ramps. She was filthy when we left. This girl is wild!

We had fun!


Chanel said...

WOW! That sounds like such a great day for you and your family! The picture of Claire is too cute!
Glad your ward is so awesome, IM JEALOUS!
YAY for parades! WITH BAGPIPES! Don't you just love that midwest feel to everything! They're so into their cultures.
I gotta call ya so be ready!

Michelle said...

There's so much culture in Ohio. What a fun day!

When my brother in law and his wife lived in Ohio they loved their ward too. I wonder why it's different there.

Sadie reminds me of Avry sometimes. The skate park thing is totally something she would do.

Amber said...

I am so glad you guys had a fun day! Looks like Sadie had the most fun! And I am happy about your ward too!

Jen Rose said...

That is awesome that you are loving Ohio. Looks like you guys had a blast....especially Sadie. I love live music too. There's nothing better! That pic of Claire is adorable!

Heather said...

Looks like a fun time. The parade looks awesome and I'm sure you enjoyed cooler temps than we had.

So funny about the Mormon family....good thing you were easy to pick out!

We miss you guys. My kids keep asking when we are going to go visit you.

The Fellers said...

haha...I love Sadie...all your posts make me laugh...she is so cute!

Patti said...

This made me smile because of the reference to tractors and horses . . . I never saw tractors and horses in a parade until I moved to Las Vegas.

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