Sunday, July 22, 2007

Helpful Stuff

I've been loving the Go City Kids website. You can search by city & find all kinds of things that are happening in your area. Great ideas for keeping your kids busy during the summer & I imagine I'll still enjoy it during the winter months here in Cleveland.

The Pampered Chef scrapers for their stoneware. Sometimes I don't get to wiping the dining room table off right away. These scrapers are excellent for scraping up stuck on cereal or oatmeal....or anything else.

I know Chanel has talked about her Ikea shopping bag before. I love this bag. We bought one on our last Ikea trip. It was less than a dollar & is huge! This is great for gathering up toys around the house & making one trip back to the toy box. Also for clearing out all the crap that accumulates in our car & bringing it back into the house...again, in just one trip. Would also be great for bringing groceries in.


Jen Rose said...

I LOVE my Ikea bag! I also use it for stuff in my car AND, I'll put my grocery bags in there too so I don't have to make as many trips!

Amber said...

Love those ideas. I never thought of those pampered chef tools. I always have just used a spatula.

chanel said...

holla! that bag rules!
great idea for scrapping crap off tables!

Heather said...

Fancy scraper. I always thought that's what a spatula or butter knife and dishrag were for. I may have to live a little and upgrade.

Patti said...

I love those scrapers.

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