Thursday, July 12, 2007

Off to Work

I miss him while he's at work. Unfortunately, sometimes in the evenings I get a little tired & grouchy. Yesterday was one of those days.

Sorry, Dyl. I will try harder today. Thanks for going to work for our family. We know you work hard & we love you.


Amber said...

That was sweet. I know that feeling though. It is hard to do everything at home by yourself during the day & then when dad gets home I just want to be done. You're not the only one.

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

This will change after awhile, when your kids get a little older and are more independent (which is code for wanting to be in their kids like to go in and read, or play games now that they are 6 and 8). So as much as I enjoy the independence, I wish they were not growing up so fast. I think every Mom experiences the grouchiness, and the feeling of wanting to have a chance to relax when hubby comes home.

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