Wednesday, July 18, 2007


What if it was your job to play all day long every day? No wonder kids never want to take naps or go to bed at night. As a mom you can choose to play with your kids or do your housework & other chores. Rarely do I find myself playing with my girl & just totally forgetting about everything else. Wait, I take that back. I probably do a couple times each day, but it doesn't last for very long. No more than 15 minutes or so & I'm thinking about the dishes in the sink. I can be a little "uptight"....right Dyl?

Anyway, yesterday we played a little. I blew big bubbles for Sadie & she jumped around popping them. She also had a good 30 min. run in the rain. Up & down the driveway jumping in puddles. She was soaked. I stayed under the doorway holding Claire. If Claire had been asleep, I may have considered letting go a little & joining in with that energetic little girl.

And Claire has been enjoying playing under her activity mat. She is cooing like crazy & starting to get a bit more control over her hand movements. Just a bit. She's been reaching & grabbing onto whatever she can manage to.

In other news: I felt the need to brighten things up around here at Sparkle Power. Big thanks to Dylan for hooking me up w/ my new header. It makes me happy. Thanks for all of your cheery comments on the new look as well.

I'm planning an Etsy shop update. I'm aiming towards the beginning of next week (Monday or Tuesday). I'm really loving all the stuff I've been working on. I can't wait to share. I've had lots of fun ideas rolling around in my head & have been making an effort to find bits of time here & there to see projects through. It's amazing what getting a little more sleep has done for me. I'm also a little motivated by the thought of making a little money. Student loan repayment is upon us. Anyway....cute, cute, cute stuff. Are you curious yet? Ha ha. Soon enough.


chanel said...

Girl I know just what you mean! I went crazy last night telling ryan what a bad mom I am for not engaging the children more, I feel like I spend my days avoiding them. I worked a lot harder today on beign WITH them, not just in the same room as them.

You got Claire a mat?!?! YAY! Remember baby Sadie used ours? Aww, man time has gone fast.

Im totally excited about your shop!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful pics, Candace, and your blog makes me long for younger, more innocent days. Its raining this morning here and, now as an adult, the only thought that goes through my mind is, 'I guess I'm not walking into work today.' No impulse to splash or get wet!

- Chris

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