Monday, August 13, 2007

3 1/2 Months

Man, I love this smile.

A little bit about Claire right now:

* she is bringing everything to her mouth....her hands, toys, blankets.
* she loves kisses.
* she smiles with her eyes, always has. Her smile starts w/ her mouth & then moves up into this little squint of her eyes. Too sweet.
* growing & gaining weight & healthy as can be.
* she likes to get out of the house, but not for too long.
* she gets cranky when she's hot (no idea where she gets this from).
* close to rolling over, but not quite yet.
* giggles & coos a lot.
* cranky when her diaper is dirty or wet.
* generally very happy & easy-going, but when she's out!

***ETA: She did it. She rolled over today.

Also, I forgot to mention on my last post that I got 2 stitches near my eye when I was a little girl. About the same age as Sadie...I was three. Climbing on the wood pile in the back yard & I fell off. My scar is on the opposite side as Sadie & as I've grown older it keeps moving out, further from my eye.


Amber said...

Look at her chunky legs! I love it. I love her smile too!
I wish I could just kiss her right now.

cbhoff said...

I love it too. I can't wait to meet her in person! Will you let me hold her? I'll wash my hands I promise.

chanel said...

soo sweet!! your girls do have the best smiles!
ooooo and squishy legs- AWESOME!

haley said...

This little girl is just getting growing more and more everyday, even though I don't see her very much, except through your blog, which is good! :) The third picture when she's on her side, I think she looks a little bit like Sadie when she was that small. She's a cutie! :)

haley said...

Okay, so my last comment, I meant to say *this little girl is just growing more and more* instead of 'getting growing'. Just wanted to make this correction...hehe.

Amber said...

She rolled!!!!! She is getting so strong.

Patti Cakes . . . said...

I can see why you love that smile . . . she's sweet. It's fun they look so much like sisters.

Ipuna said...

She rolled over! Wow. She is so cute.
Thanks for the congrats.

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