Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Apartment Views

So, finally.....a few photos of our apartment. In our living room I like the three front windows. That door goes out to our patio in the front. Sadie & I go out there to blow bubbles & use the play dough & sidewalk chalk & what not.

These cabinets are in the dining room. There are two. One on each side of the windows. I don't have anything cool to display in these. Really wish I did.

My kitchen. Well, one side of it. The other side has the stove, which is filthy. I'm not sharing a filthy stove w/ y'all. Yucky old cabinets, crazy red countertops & linoleum like stuff on the walls.

I asked Dylan if I was crazy because the pink bathroom tile is actually growing on me. He replied with a "yes."

This is the doorknob to the bathroom. We have a few glass doorknobs in the house. The rest are metal.

Just a few peeks inside. Hope this settles some of your curiosity.


Amber said...

Your place is kinda cute. I love it. It really has character. I think you will always remember this place!

Heather said...

I think that the awesome windows and doorknobs make up for the kitchen and pink tile. I have always wanted to live in an OLD place. I think that they are cool. Steve does not share this same desire.

chanel said...

Ok Candace, this is the COOLEST place ever! How are you guys not dying that you found such a unique place to live!!! Its all perspective. Pink tile is way fun, especially since you have two girly girls! What a great place to live for a while, imagine the memories Sadie will have! "Mom did we havea red counter in the kitchen?" You guys will have FUNNY memories forever with this home- its DARLING!

ekreynolds said...

i like it, from what you tell me of prices of places there i think you guys got a good deal on rent and its not that bad at all. i like the door handles, shows how old school your house is:)

The Fellers said...

i love it!!

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