Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog Addiction

Janae asked me to share which blogs I read, but I read a ton. So I'm going to break it up a little bit here. These are some good sites for ideas for kids crafts & activities.

* Kiddley. They're no longer posting on this site, but it's still a great resource to look through the archives. Lots of holiday stuff over there in the December posts from last year.

* Scrumdilly-do. This one tends to have a lot of crafts involving paper & paint or crayons.

* Wondertime Magazine. Their create & play section has lots of fun printable games & cutting pages for kids to practice with those scissors.

* Kids Craft Weekly. You can sign up for this free newsletter that offers craft ideas based around a theme. I'm planning on doing one of the crafts from the latest newsletter sometime soon.

* DIY Kids. This one may be a little more geared for older children, but still some awesome ideas.

And I forgot to mention that we signed up for Target's book club a while back & they sent us a really cool backpack. For free! Jamie does a good job of covering it here.


amanda said...

thanks for sharing where you get your awesome ideas from. Can you email me your address? I have something for your birthday that is coming up!! thats right i didn't forget:)

Keri said...

Thanks for sharing. Sydney was born in late July 04. If I remember right, she & Sadie might be around 6 weeks apart. For some reason, that rings a bell.

Amber said...

Thanks for the links!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the links and the little shout-out too. I love checking out your blog.

Mom-e-Mom-e said...

Subscribe to Wondertime Magazine - $10.00/yr

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