Monday, September 17, 2007

*I Love*

I love getting the very first smile of the morning. Is there anything sweeter? I also love how babies look when they first wake up.

Today is my Mom's birthday. I love her & I love these things about her: her beautiful skin & hair, her long eyelashes which she has passed along to all of her children & grandchildren, her sense of humor, the sound of her laugh & the sound of her voice. I love that she & my Dad are still together & in love & celebrating 35 years of marriage today. I love my mom's cooking & how she plays with her grandchildren. I love her hugs & I love that she knows least she always has answers to my questions. I love her for having 8 children & being an incredible mom! Happy Birthday Momma!

I also love reading all of your *I Love* posts. Thanks for joining in.


Dylan said...

I love your mom, too. Thanks for being rad, Robin. You are the best. Mother-in-laws aren't supposed to be this awesome.

Also, thanks for letting me marry your superfine daughter though she is obviously way out of my league.

Finally, congrats on 35 years of marriage. 35 very quiet years. (I kid, Dwayne, I kid.)

chanel said...

I LOVE your MOM too!!! She is the best! I love that she got married on her birthday- what a great gift- an eternal marriage. She is so welcoming in her home and just one of those people you always want to be around. You're so lucky to have her as your mom! You've inherited a lot more than eyelashes from her're pretty awesome yourself and I LOVE hearing your voice, which I haven't heard in a while, better call ya!

Dylan is funny!

Amber said...

I love our mom too!! Happy birthday!

QueenCherine said...


rachel said...

thanks for sharing those moments with your baby - they are really precious. i can't wait to experience that!

amanda said...

i love your mom and i don't even know her but she has awesome recipes that she gave to you who gave them to me.So thanks mrs.DUKE!!(isn't that right?)

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