Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Magazines

I love magazines. Never been much of a book reader. "Read a book" shows up on my new year's resolution list just about every year. Maybe it's that I'm such a visual person or maybe it's that I never have enough time to really sit down with a book. Anyway....here are all the magazines that I subscribe to right now:

Yes. You're looking at that right. A total of 8 magazines come to my mailbox each month. The cool thing is that I only pay for one of these subscriptions. That's for Creating Keepsakes, which I'm not going to renew because I haven't scrapbooked in like, forever. Real Simple is a birthday gift from my mother-in-law. Love it! The rest are free with points from my credit card.

There are more that I would subscribe to, if I had any extra money at all, but really, do I need any more? Other than Martha Stewart Living that is?

So how about you? Anybody else a magazine nut & what cool magazines am I missing out on?

Oh, by the way. Thanks for all the love on my last post. I really wasn't fishing for it. I was just posting to say, "Aren't I such a crazy freak for loving my own website so much!?"


Michelle said...

I love magazines too. I always have a stack on my kitchen table to catch a glimse of. Do you like Blue Print or Real Simple better? I subscribe to Martha Stewart's magazine but it's not like I can actually do any of her crafts/recipes. It's fun to look at though.

Patti said...

Bon Appetit. Can't live without it.

Esquire . . . love it.

SELF, for the stuff to keep me motivated to keep running.

Domino. For inspiration.

I think I need that Blueprint magazine . . . do I? I like the way it looks.

I share your love of magazines.

alexandra said...

Had to smile when I saw your post... I am a magazine junkie myself and just yesterday I filled out a magazine registration form that came from my twins' school. I too get Domino, Everyday Food and Creating Keepsakes. I just ordered Body and Soul and debated about Real Simple but opted not to subscribe and just read it at the library when we go. I also debated about ordering Blueprint!!
What you're missing... well, I also get Martha (just have to), Canadian House and Home (I'm a Canadian girl) and Wondertime - a great magazine for Moms - check it out if you haven't already.
Loved your post - thanks for the validation!!!

The Fellers said...

I love the Martha Steward Kids Magazine, always has fun creative ideas that I like to rip out and put in a binder, I havent ever really done any of them, but I love that magazine!

Candace said...

Oh, yes! Wondertime. That is an excellent parenting magazine. I read that at the doctor's office. Their website is really great too.

Blueprint is one of my very favorites right now. A younger, hipper version of MS Living. I think you'd enjoy it, Patti.

I'm not sure which I like more, Real Simple or Blueprint. I've read Real Simple since it started. They're both good. And they are different enough, so...

MS Kids is one of the best magazines ever created. I have all my copies saved. So, so, so, so sad that it's no longer in publication.....other than a special issue every so often.

I forgot to mention that Dylan & I get a few magazines together....Ready Made & Entertainment Weekly. Then he has a couple that are all his....Wired & Magnet. Though I do enjoy looking through Magnet. That one is about music.

Our mailman must hate us. We have a tiny mailbox.

emily said...

hi my name is emily . . . i am a magazine-aholic! i definitely share your love for a good ole magazine! i subscribe to wondertime, cookie, parents, real simple, family circle, everyday food, blue print, country home and cottage living. wondertime and cottage living are probably my all time most favorite.

Mucho take it easy... said...

I love Rachel Ray's magazine. Great recipes

alexandra said...

Hi - me again!!
I was sad to see Martha Stewart Kids come to an end too - I loved it and saved every issue. I also have my Martha Stewart Baby issues - so so so good - treasure them!!
And Blueprint... you're making me think I need it!! :)

Caitlin said...

I love Everyday Food and Real Simple but I don't subscribe to either. I was excited about the Rachael Ray magazine when it came out and I bought it a few times but was not really impressed with the recipes. I never even tried one! It's not crafty or anything but I love In Style. So good.

Usually Happy said...

My mother-in-law gets me Better Homes and Gardens and I love that one. And I get the Pottery Barn catalog for free because they have great pictures with fun decorating ideas. Of course I always just make the things I see in there instead of buying them.

Howling Pickup said...

That is crazy! My mother-in-law gave me a subscription to Real Simple for my birthday too! What are they trying to tell us?

Patti said...

I forgot Vanity Fair. I've been getting it for years and I love it.

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