Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yummy, Yummy Rice Cereal

I finally introduced Claire to the spoon. I have been a bad, bad, lazy mom & have just been putting the rice cereal into her night time bottle. I gave her a real feeding with the spoon yesterday morning. She gave me the look of "Just what is this that you are putting in my mouth & what exactly am I supposed to do with it?". But she is catching on. I'm not sure why she's leaning over in the high chair like that. Must have been tired.

I have been having some major tooth pain & have some dentist visits ahead of me. Not good to eat an old man's chocolate bar right when this trauma is happening in my mouth, but you know.....I'm an addict. Anyway, I'll try to stay up on the blog, but if I go missing for a little bit, you all know why.

Also, you guys make me laugh & I love you & your comments.


Keri said...

We have the same high chair...we must have had our first babies around the same time. Yep! Claire looks good. I know, it's so much harder to introduce a 2nd child to food. It's just one more thing to do. I hope you can get your tooth troubles out of the way. That's probably one of the most miserable things ever!

Janae said...

Good luck with your teeth. Claire is offly cute. It's funny how with your 2nd child things aren't as exciting as the 1st...maybe it's just my attitude.

Amber said...

She is a big girl eating rice cereal already! And I hope your tooth is ok.

amanda said... cute!

Usually Happy said...

Oh, she is so adorable. I love these cute clothes you dress your girls in.

QueenCherine said...

Claire is getting so big. She looks like a good combo of you guys. She is a doll!

chanel said...

tooth pain is the worst! i saw Dylan even took off work- I know its bad then! GOOD LUCK! I think I hate the dentist more than anything.
Claire is a dolly!
I like how hard it is that she's resting against her chair! hahaha

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