Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh Goodness Gracious

Is October almost over already? I haven't done anything for Halloween. No decorating. No fun crafts. I haven't even made Claire's costume like I had planned. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, maybe I'm more of a Christmas girl now. Hmm.

Lots of exciting stuff happening around here:

* The Ryan Adams concert is tomorrow! I'm excited. Really, really excited. Then Jens Lekman next week. I already have a sitter lined up for 2 nights out with my husband. Awesome!

* I'm coming up on my 400th post. Time for another giveaway. Not sure what to pull together for this one.

* Dylan & I have been working on a new product for the etsy shop. He's done most of the work. It's super cool. I can't wait to get them listed....sometime next week.

* My hormones are raging. I don't know if this fits under exciting....but it's happening. Is this normal after quitting breastfeeding? My mood swings are a little out of control. Also out of anger. Having a difficult time being patient.

Also, check out these photos from flickr for some garland ideas. Please don't feel like you ave to be a super crafter to join. One of my favorites is the paper circle garland. How easy is that with paper circles glued together on a string. Simple & cute.

garland mosaic
Originally uploaded by sparklecandace

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amanda said...

I was wondering when the concert was, take good pictures.. like you do always. thanks for the cute ideas.

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