Saturday, November 03, 2007

Blog Addiction, Part 4

So when I first started reading blogs a few years ago, it was scrapbooking blogs that I was into. I've moved more into sewing & craft blogs as I've become more interested in those things. But here are the few remaining scrapbookers blogs that I still read:

Ali Edwards

Elsie Flannigan
Emily Falconbridge
Jamie Waters

Happy clicking!


alexandra said...

Me too, Candace... same girls. Ali and Jamie are absolute musts for me - so cool.

alexandra said...

me again...
someone to check out - not a scrapbooker but she does cool graphic art... Kal Barteski ( - I would give you the link but I am still claiming complete dork-status in computer skills). Kal did some cool graphic black and white art for babies and you can download it from her blog. You'll find it under the heading 'categories' and 'cool art 4 cool kids' - Claire might like the graphics!

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