Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine!

Blury photo, but it makes me smile. See that light shining on the girls? The sun is out this morning & I've been running around taking photos like a mad woman. So happy to see this sunlight after a few dark & gloomy days. Sadie keeps saying...."what's this mom?" when she happens to end up in a spot where that low autumn light shines through the windows & hits her. "It's in here too!" she said when we walked into the kitchen to get her some milk. So cute.

We are going on day 6 of wearing her glasses full time. Sadie had just come out of bed when I took this photo. Just a few minutes after taking it she put her glasses on.....get this!!.....without me asking her to. Incredible. I'm so happy!

I love little Claire in this photo too. She's mastered the army crawl & gets wherever she wants like this. Her favorite spot is the phone & answering machine that we have sitting on the ground. I know...don't ask. We need to find a better solution for that PWT little setup.


Amber said...

The girls look so cute. Yeah for the sunshine!!

Keri said...

Good job Sadie...and Claire! Glad you've got some sunshine, too. I saw that you've been getting lots of rain. Hope your day is great.

amanda said...

good job with the glasses. that is great. today was really dark and gloomy it seemed like it was 5pm all day with the dark clouds. so i took pictures of the kids but mostly the flash come. oh well. there still cute. have a fun day

chanel said...

very cute! sadie looks all you and claire looks all dylan! probably b/c its blurry, they're definitly sisters!!! :)

i love all the toys out and about- fun!!!

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