Saturday, November 10, 2007

Random Stuff For The Weekend

* These plates were another thrift store find this week. I think they are so cool. I love how the photographs turned out. I put them up in the shop, but they sold before I got a chance to mention them here. Dylan is a little sad that I sold them.

* I am so DRY. This colder weather is doing a number on my skin. My problem areas are my face (cheeks, under eye & lips) & my hands. I'm putting on my moisturizer 3 times each day, trying to remember to put on hand cream & trying to remember to drink lots of water. Any tips or suggestions? Any cool (cheap) products I should know about?

* My library has been good to me lately. My favorite recent check out was Sock and Glove. The projects look fairly simple & they are just so darn adorable. I must own this book....someday.

* There is a coupon for $5 off a Polly Pocket toy. Some Polly Pocket toys are priced under $5 so you can get a toy for free! What a great stocking stuffer for little girls.

* If you haven't seen already, the Sew Mama Sew blog is posting tutorials for handmade gift ideas every day this month.


ollie said...

Cetaphil moisturizing Cream (not lotion) is the best thing for face and body. It won't break you out, and usually I only have to put it on once a day (rather than 3 times a day with other stuff). It's so thick that a little goes a LONG way. You'll only have to buy one container a year (if that). I use it on my kids as well and it works great. Hope that helps!

Keri said...

I also like shea body butter. (The one I bought was in a little brown tub w/ a copper colored top.) I wouldn't use it on my face, though, only my hands/rest of my body. It smells yummy & leaves your skin moist, but not too greasy. Those plates are cute, too. I noticed they had just sold, but you hadn't ever mentioned them, so that makes sense. Someone else loved them too!

Kel said...

Avoid petroleum based products (petrolatum, mineral oil) as it will further dry your skin. Also avoid deodorant soaps and opt for moisturizing soaps like Dove. Same thing for your hands - Dial soap will make your hands chap and crack. As for moisturizers, I use various things but one that does help me when it gets real cold on the East Coast when I run is DHC olive oil. DHC has a nice line of olive oil products - check it out. Oh, they make the best makeup remover too, water soluble olive oil. Good luck!

alexandra said...

I know what you mean about being DRY - it's nasty. Still trying to remember to drink more water but I am usually cold and prefer tea (regular, chai, herbal... you name it!).
My hands are a bit of an issue (eczema - no fun) but when they are just dry I really like to exfoliate them with a combo of white sugar (or salt) and olive oil (or grapeseed oil). Just make a little paste, rub (including and especially around your nails and cuticles) and rinse. Your hands feel great instantly.
We like Polly Pockets here too - just don't buy anything with magnets - but you probably already know that!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the Polly Pockets link. Avry likes those.

I tried using Oil of Olay moisturizer on my face instead of the more expensive stuff but my face got so dry. I had to go back to Clinque. I really like it.

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