Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sunshine Even When She's Sick

Claire is sick. You know the drill. Runny nose, raw from being wiped. Watery, goopey eyes. Sleeping lots during the day but waking up more frequently at night. Poor thing. She's pretty happy right after she wakes up from her naps though & I caught her here just between taking off her jammies & dressing her for the day. I'm always so pleased to see her in her diaper. You forget how little you see that baby skin when they're always in their long sleeved winter wardrobe.

I should be cleaning out the fridge today...getting it ready for all that Thanksgiving food. But instead I've been playing & cuddling with my girls. Sadie & I had a really tough day yesterday. We were not clicking with eat other. I was trying to get through too many errands. Today we are just letting it all go. Balance.....I have such a hard time achieving it.


amanda said...

oh what a cute little girl. i have a picture of carsons baby fat baby back, i'll try to post it. take care.

alexandra said...

Sorry to hear Claire is a little under the weather - hopefully she'll be feeling great soon.
Balance... isn't that always a challenge??!! It's a toughie but it's so important. Would love to know the secret to achieving balance - I guess you just keep trying and being aware and it somehow comes.

Keri said...

What a sweet mom you are. Hope Claire gets to feeling better soon. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

2medicure said...

Yes, I do agree with you that she is absolutely sunshine
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