Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moving Right Along

So I finished the puppet theater earlier today. I'll share a photo of it later. I don't want to put it up until the girls are asleep. And lookie what arrived on my doorstep today. Perfect timing. I'm ready to get going on the next batch of gifts.

I'm trying very hard not to get stressed & I feel that I'm doing a pretty good job of working through my list of handmade gifts. Every spare minute is spent either thinking about them or working on them. I keep remembering that there are other chores that need to be making preparations to leave town. I still need to:

1. get the dog groomed
2. pull out the 6-12 month clothes for Claire.
3. make sure we have enough luggage
4. plan a Christmas activity for the 8-11 year old activity days girls. Help!
5. find a substitute for my Sunday school class.
6. get my loose ends gift shopping done.

I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting. That list doesn't look so bad. Oh, but it is so bad in my mind. I keep telling myself...."keep your cool". Just don't let me think about how I only have 9 days left to get this all done. Yikes!


Keri said...

I can understand your stress. I wish you luck with getting it all done. Do you have any sort of idea what you want to do w/ activity days? I was in cub scouts for a while in ID, so I might have some ideas if you can lead me in a direction. Deep'll get it all done.

alexandra said...

Hi Candace,
Sometimes it's hard to keep 'peace' part of the whole Christmas process - ironic but true. I'm trying to find a balance too. I guess we just prioritize and keep moving. I so want to feel good about it all and not rushed or frazzled - and I'm not even making much of anything!! YOU must be really organized. Can't wait to see more of your lovely projects. Enjoy the process - what you're doing is wonderful!
And... I didn't know you had a dog!! Fun!

Heather said...

Your list is stressing me out!
haha...really I admire your resolve to hand make things. Those types of gifts are always more meaningful. You will get it done and I can't wait for 9 more sleeps!

The Fellers said...

I dont know if this will work for you guys...but for our Christmas Activity for Activity days, we went caroling...just to a handful of homes around the church....for about 20 minutes....then we went back to the church and had hot chocolate while the Bishop shared a little Christmas message with the girls...they really seemed to like it!

Amber said...

What about reading the 12 days of xmas story with a white elephant gift and pass the gift everytime you say the word and or the. Remember we used do that?

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