Sunday, December 16, 2007


I've been on a soup kick this week. I'm loving that everything just goes in one pot, that they're pretty inexpensive meals & that they are usually meatless. It's also such an easy way to get a lot of vegetables in.

We tried Caitlin's Broccoli Cheese Soup. It was a big hit. No leftovers that night. We gave this Tuscan Bean soup a go as well. It was yummy too. Again, no leftovers. Tonight it was a big pot of chili. I messed up though. I thought that I had cornmeal in the pantry so that I could try these muffins. I was wrong. So sad.

I'm still wanting to try a Butternut Squash Soup but I'm so afraid that my family won't like it.

Anyway, I'm on a kick & we're enjoying it. What's your favorite soup?


Keri said...

Ooh, thanks for sharing! So, do you not eat meat? I have some favorite soups, but need to get the motivation to post them on Recipe Swap.

Candace said...


we do eat meat. I've just been trying to eat less of it this year. Basically to put less of a strain on the environment (read more about it here) & also because i don't think we need it every night. we're just so programed to have meat in a main dish, so I get excited when I find meatless options.

Patti said...

I was afraid about the squash, too. Like pulling teeth to get people to forget it's squash. But the sweetness of it . . . it was delicious. I ate it for days and it only got better.

I would like to try one with cream in it next . . . I'm certain it'll be even better.

Merry Christmas,Candace.

Janae said...

I will warn you...I made butternut squash soup awhile ago and my family HATED it. I didn't even like it. Doug said that soup shouldn't taste "sweet" like that. So it depends on your taste preferences, I guess. I don't have butternut squash very often so that could be part of it--I'm not accustomed to the taste. By the way, I love your ravioli soup! so many of your recipes have become our family's favorites. Thanks for always sharing.

P.S. After the holidays and craziness, if you have time to post your chicken noodle soup I'd love it!

Heather said...

Thanks for the recipes....
I made butternut squash soup last winter. We all hated it as well. I agree, it must be that we aren't used to the taste. It looked so pretty and fallish though.

Keri said...

Candace--I had never thought of meat in that way before. Thanks for sharing. I do agree that there are plenty of other ways to get protein in our diets. Glad you could get my mind thinking!

nola said...

I am making broccoli cheese soup tommorow!
My daughters love it.
I made muffins the other day........I forgot I put the salt in a tupperware like the one my sugar is in.....duh. I put salt instead of sugar!
We made more the next batch was good!

Dylan said...

Candace, I say "no" to the butternut squash as well. Sorry Patti.

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