Monday, December 10, 2007

Two Reasons Why....

I am very glad that I decided to hit the thrift store this morning. These two fabrics are making me very happy today. There's over 2 yards of each. Ideas of projects to use these in keep popping into my head.

What would you use them for?


Janae said...

I'd use them for more handbags! How did you find out about the thrift stores in your area--word of mouth? I need to discover some.

meg said...

I think they would look lovely together in a simple quilt. Both cut in squares, but with the pattern oriented differently in each square--does that make sense? Just an idea. Can't wait to see what they become.

alexandra said...

Hi Candace,
So here are the thoughts off the top of my head on the fabric...
- tartan skirt for Sadie
- holiday table runners
- funky stockings
- also like Janae's idea of handbags!
What are your ideas?? Would love to know!

Jen Rose said...

Girl - those are adorable! The first thing that came to my mind was a skirt for the girls. Also, I love making canvas art with fabric. Just a thought!

Candace said...

Janae - I just looked in the phone book & tried a few out until i found my favorite. that's the one i go to all the time. i love that they half half-priced mondays where everything is 50% off. can't beat that.

i love all the ideas!! i was thinking that the plaid definitely needed to be made into a skirt...maybe for me. i also think it's perfect for a bag lining. particularly a library bag for dylan. would look good as a scarf too.

for the red stripe i can't get drawstring bags out of my head. i also see little stuffed birdies w/ a hanging ornaments or just to hang on a door or dresser knob somewhere. stockings would also be cute out of this. or to go behind silouhettes of the girls as framed art.

now i can't get the thought of a quilt out of my head.

hmmm.....oh well, gotta put it aside until after the new year. hopefully the excitement for these won't wear off & i'll actually make something with them.

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