Sunday, January 20, 2008

30 Days - 14

Sunday dinner.

Things I love about this photo:

1. Dylan's bed head from our Sunday nap.
2. Sadie eating with her hands (well, don't really love this one, but it's typical).
3. The dog under the table, right near the girls. Just waiting for food to drop.
4. Little Claire is so involved these days with dinner. She's right there with us eating what we're eating.


Anonymous said...

Fun photo Candace.
I really love your corner cabinet - so cool!!

Keri said...

I love that you love it. What a cute, wonderful family you have.

Chanel said...

That is a great snapshot. When you become rich and famous "they" are going to put that in your Autobiography (in black and white of course)

It makes me feel like I am there with you! And I LOVE that! AND can I just say HOW FREAKIN VERY MUCH Sadie looks like you there!!! Holy Moly! You'd think you were her mama or something.

amanda said...

i noticed that cabinet too, do you have anyting in it?. sadie is getting so big. hey did i tell you that we were in rexburg and for some reason were passing by your old apt. Out of no were Emma is like hey there is candace old house and then lily is like my friend sadie -she a bummbo bee huh mom. so cute what she remembers of her. by the way, your cool downstairs 'fish friends' are still living there.

andrea said...

I love that picture! It's those little things that no one else would notice that mean so much. Claire is getting huge!

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