Friday, February 29, 2008

10 Months

* loves books. loves turning pages. will sit & look at them or grab one & roll over on her back to look at.
* still very attached to momma.
* loves opening cabinets & is constantly getting into everything.
* getting closer & closer to walking. Took a few steps to daddy last night.
* says "mama" "dada" & "daydee".
* is getting her side incisors, but still hasn't gotten her two front teeth.
* points at everything.
* loves cheetos.
* does not sleep through the night anymore. spends half the night in my bed.
* she has a great laugh & a sweet smile. we love her!


Chanel said...

oh so darling! i love the overalls!!!

i think i told you my journal of lauren at ten months said she was up every two hours!

the good news is, it doesn't last! one day she'll sleep and you'll miss her!

Hang in there! She's so sweet, can't wait to hold her in MAY!!!!

Cherine said...

She is so big now. Gosh time has flown by. I can't believe she'll be a year soon. She is a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Claire is so fabulous! So cute, so healthy, and she sounds like lots of fun!
If it makes you feel any better... Hannah didn't (ever) sleep through the night 'til she was 18 months and on top of that I had her twin brother waking up here and there. I'm sure Claire will get back into a nice little sleep pattern soon - and so will you! :)

shayla said...

Okay, so I've spent the last little browsing your blog and have come to the following conclusions:

1. I'm glad you found me!
2. Your two daughters are beautiful! I had no idea what your family status was and am glad to see that you have created something absolutely wonderful!
3. You are so dang talented when it comes to crafting. How cool are you?!?! Way.
4. I want to be like you someday.

Now that I've used a post about little Claire for my own personal blabbings...

She seems like such a sweet little girl! Makes me want one of my own!

Amber said...

She is getting so big.

Caitlin said...

How could you not love those adorable cheeks?

Ariane said...

I am super impressed that she is talking so much! All Noah says is "hi" and "uh-oh". What a big girl!

Melissa Everett said...

She is so dang cute! And Talan is in my bed half the night too! That is cute she tried to say Sadie!

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