Monday, February 25, 2008

Barack Obama In Akron

We decided to go down to Akron on Saturday to see Barack Obama speak. The Cleveland rally was later that night & we wanted to take the girls with us, so it made more sense to take the short trip to Akron. We stood in a line that circled the entire city block. It was sunny, but cold out. We had both of the girls. It was a crazy thing to do. But is was really, really exciting. Some volunteers came by & gave us 4 tickets so that we could go wait in the much shorter line to get in. I didn't take my camera because basically it's too big for me to juggle along with both of the kids.

Sadie sat on Dylan's shoulders for a little bit in the beginning. I went off to the side of the group so that I could let Claire crawl around. It was really cool to be able to see little Sadie up above the crowd, clapping & having a good time. Hopefully she'll have a memory of this when she gets older.

One man came up to Claire and said, "I know it's been a rough start with Bush, but don't worry. Things will get better." Funny.

Anyway, it was exciting. It felt good to be a part of this large group of people so excited (finally) about a politician. So hopeful. And SO wanting some major change in our country.

What I love about Obama:

* He wants to spur the economy & create new jobs by changing to green renewable energy.
* He wants to raise the minimum wage.
* Give tuition money to college students as long as they give back by doing community service.
* Tax breaks for the middle class.
* Focus on early learning.
* Bring an end to the war.
* and much, much more.

Basically focus on the American people & our needs.

He does not accept campaign money from special interest groups which, in my opinion speaks the loudest of his character. He is amazing. Just what our country needs right now.

In Ohio, although the primary election is on March 4th, we're able to go vote early. I plan on making it out there to cast my vote for Barack Obama in the next couple days & hopefully I'll be able to see his name on the ballot & vote again for him in the Presidential election.


Melissa Everett said...

Way cool Candace!

royaloaker said...

So exciting!!!! Sigh and fingers crossed, fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you feel that way.

Janae said...

Obama was just at University of Cincinnati yesterday, so Doug saw him. Cool.

Chanel said...

isn't it so funny, that when people don't agree with you they hide behind "anonymous"!!! WEAK!

I think its wonderful!! Its going to be great to watch everyone who doesn't support him find out he's really great!

LOVE that you took the kiddos!!! Way to go, fighting the cold, Im sure it was way fun!

Dylan said...

Chanel, you crack me up.

Candace said...

i know Chanel. I had to laugh about anonymous.

it's sad, really.

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