Monday, March 31, 2008

Pot Holders

Nothing like waiting until the last minute. See, this is the whole reason for the sew along!! If not for the sew along, I would still be thinking in my mind that I need to make new pot holders for myself, but I wouldn't have these cuties all completed & in my kitchen drawer.

***I'm having a happy day today because I hit 100 sales in my etsy shop. This gives me so much confidence. Yippee!!! Happy day. :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I need to open an ETSY shop... Hmmm.... I too am an avid thrifter and crafter. What to sell, what to sell.

rose said...

those potholders are cute!
talk about waiting until the last minute... it will probably take me until midnight to finish the one i have halfway finished. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute pot-holders, Candace!
I feel like a kid in high school - I need one more day!! Can I please have an extension??!! The dog didn't eat my pot-holder but Hannah has been sick again - fever all weekend and at the doctor today.
Hitting 100 on the Etsy shop is fabulous - such a fun accomplishment!!

andrea said...

Those are very cute! I wish you could have come to the zoo today :( How are the girls?

jessi said...

hooray for your sales! It's a nice feeling.

ashley said...

100?!? that is great, congrats! i think i have hit a plateau at 3!

lovely pot holders too!

Laura said...

Your potholders look great!

I've been having some camera issues lately...but I'm hoping to get some pictures up of mine soon! (ugh, I hate being late.)

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