Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Well, actually this was my lunch yesterday. An apple (my variety of choice is fuji) & peanut butter really fills me up & is oh so yummy.

I gave a slice to the vampire teething baby, which she enjoyed gnawing on.

She was oh so cute & sweet yesterday. She kept holding out the apple slice for me to eat. I'd pretend to take a bite & she thought it was hilarious. Such a big girl......feeding her momma. She was also really cute with giving kisses yesterday. I asked her for one & then she just kept coming back & giving me more & more. I guess my giggling made her want to keep leaning in even though I didn't say the magic word, "kisses!". Some were open mouth & then she started squeezing her lips tight & then releasing them with a popping noise. SO adorable.


Melissa Everett said...

I love when they learn to kiss. Talan is doing that now too... His are onle open mouth ones... Slobbery and all. Claire is such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

The photo of your snack is fabulous - simple goodness. Sometimes we have apples with almond butter - the kids like it a lot!!
Love the photos of Claire and the story about her little kisses - so sweet!

Keri said...

Very cute. Jenna also likes apple slices & does really well eating most of a slice. What a cute little kisser, too.

Michelle said...

Just an apple for lunch? I wish I could do that. It looks so good in the picture.

It so fun when babies start interacting. I can't wait for that again.

chanel said...

Oh I LOVE IT! She is looking sooo much more like YOU! (and Sadie!!) Wow!
I love that you called her vampire teething baby- so funny.

yeah, and whats up with that lunch?weakness! EAT!

Erin L said...

Fuji apples are also my variety of choice. So yummy!

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