Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Claire!

What better way to spend the day than at the park filling up an entire memory card with photos of my girlies.

A few things about you right now, Claire:

* you make this stink face where you scrunch up your lips & start breathing really fast through your nose.
* you love babies & stuffed animals & anything with a face. you pick them up & make a happy "awww" sound, then hug & kiss them & put them over your shoulder.
*you have been walking for a little while but you're still a little wobbly yet you insist on carrying things around while you walk. It's usually something big & akward like a chair or a toy bus or the dog's bed. You get mad when you fall down with it & grunt in anger, but you keep on doing it. You are determined & persistent.
* you fold your arms for the dinner prayer & you are so pleased with yourself.
* you love to eat.
* you love to be outside.
* you like to sit on the edge of chairs & kick your legs.
* you are so cute when I ask you if you want something & you nod your head or point to the cereal boxes when you want a snack, or turn your hands up in the air when I ask you where something is.
* you get really excited to see daddy at the end of the day & really excited to see Sadie when you two have been apart.
* you are cuter than cute & we love you.


andrea said...

I think we're blogging at the same time! Happy Birthday Claire! I love those pictures, they are beautiful! I'm glad you had a fun day with the girls.

On an awkward note....I totally found that doll stuffed under my couch today!! I have NO idea how it got there, and I feel so bad that you went back to look for it! Thanks again and sorry! Cambria was happy though!

alexandra said...

Happy, happy birthday, Claire!!
What a great setting for photos - love all the little flowers - the girls look adorable.
Totally enjoyed reading about all of Claire's cuteness - so sweet.
Sending my very best birthday wishes,

Caitlin said...

Your girls are both cuter than cute. Happy B-day, Claire!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Claire. She is so cute & I love those pictures.

chanel said...

UNREAL! I think, oh yeah she's one, but then to read the things she is doign is just crazy!!!! What a stinkin cute little thing she is!! I am so excited to meet her, too bad she's going to want absolutely nothing to do with me.

Your girls look soooooo cute in their springy dresses! What is all over the ground? Looks like a beautiful day! Amazing how much change happens in our lives in just a year.

Happy day to you both!


chanel said...

ok I just looked at the pictures closer- flowers- but are they from a tree??? HOW PRETTY!

And your girls just get prettier up close!!!!!

The Pfau's said...

Beautiful Girls and beautiful pictures!!! Happy birthday Claire!

ashley said...

happy first b-day claire!
those pics are so cute, great idea to do a photo shoot on the birthday! those flowers are beautiful, as are the little girls playing in them!

Melissa Everett said...

happy Birthday Claire! She is such a big girl! Talan does the same thing with the walking around with something bigger than him! Why do they do that? I dont know... but I love them for trying! I cannot wait to get Talan and Claire together this summer! Oh, and great pictures! I love that they are sitting in a bunch of little flowers!

Janae said...

Can't believe it's been a year! She is SOO gorgeous. The pictures are gorgeous and I love the trees here--the white blossoms falling down smell heavenly.

Cherine said...

Gosh she is already one...CRAZY. So that means y'all have been in Ohio about a year right?

Happy Birthday Claire!

amanda said...

happy b-day! candace cute pictures of your girls and love the post about the book about kids with energy. sadie is a great girl and fun to listen to over the phone. love the Pjs

the fellers said...

those are awesome pictures...Claire is so cute, and look at Sadie's hair! Oh my, it is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

I have been a lurker for a while and just wanted to say I love your blog, love the way to are so honest about motherhood, love all you wonderful craft ideas, love the way you just adore your children. Ours girls are born 2 day apart so here is wishing Claire and Matilda a happy first birthday.
Helen, Melbourne, Australia

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