Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Party Prep, Pajamas & Happy Earth Day

Claire is turning one year old tomorrow. We're having a party on Saturday & I've been working on these flag banners as part of the decorations.

Sunday I made some more pajama pants for Sadie. These ones are a wide leg capri pant. She wanted a matching shirt so I gathered some of her stained play shirts & decided that I'd put an applique on them. Covers up the stains & gives them a new use. I sure do feel like a thrifty momma.

Happy Earth Day! For over a year I've been planning on sewing up some reusable shopping bags. Never got to it. Lately I've been feeling super guilty for still using the store's plastic bags. Yesterday I finally bought one of their bags. They're only .99 cents. So today when I'm back at the store (because my life is so unorganized right now), I'll grab some more. It feels good. Also, our city curbside recycling would only allow us to recycle bottles that had a neck. Now they've opened it up to all plastic containers! Woohoo! That makes me excited. :)


Jessica said...

i love your banner! my girls bdays are coming up and i have wanted to make one too. do you use fabric for the top pink part or some kind of bias tape? i guess i could make my own bias tape? i was just curious, so i know i am doing the right thing! :o) and your the lady to ask!

Candace said...


I used a store bought double fold bias tape. I do have a bias tape making tool but i've yet to use it.

andrea said...

I can't wait for the party! I am so excited to plan it, and get everything finished! The girls are going to love it!

Holly said...

CUTE cute cute! I'm loving it all especially those PJ's!

alexandra said...

It's all fabulous! Love the banner and the jammies are adorable. I've been meaning to try the applique technique on a few of our stained shirts - fun!
You know I love my re-usable bags and totes - feels so good to use them!! Good for you!
Happy Earth Day, Candace!

the fellers said...

you ARE such a thrifty mom...look at those pj's, they are so cute!

Ariane said...

You are so clever! What a good use for stained play shirts!

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