Thursday, April 03, 2008

Trying New Recipes

I love it when I get on a kick to try some new recipes. A new Everyday Food Magazine will do that to me.

Freeze Ahead Lasagna Primavera. I really thought Sadie would turn her nose up to this with all the green in there. She dug right in, though. I think I like vegetable lasagna more than my family does. I'm not sure that I'll be making this too often.

I've got a couple more new recipes to try next week from the Everyday Food Cookbook that my sweet husband got me for Christmas.

***On a side note, Jessica is giving away one of her adorable kids shirts. They are super affordable & would make a great gift. Not sure how long the giveaway lasts so get over there right away.

Also, Ashley just recently opened her etsy shop selling cutie cute kids shirts as well. Both of you girls need to raise your prices!!


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about trying that recipe - we buy a frozen veggie lasagna quite often so it would be nice to make one instead.
I bought the Everyday Food cookbook for my Dad, borrowed it and now I want one of my own - it's good! Can't wait to see what else you whip up.
Happy cooking!

Caitlin said...

I love Everyday Food. I spend a fortune buying it at the grocery store - I need to subscribe. That lasagna looks good and Russ and I like spinach a lot. Thanks for the tip!

Kathlyn said...

I love food pictures. My husband always thinks it's odd that I take pictures of our food, but he just doesnt get this whole blogging thing, lol. Anyways, I love this blog :) You are one of my fav's

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