Saturday, May 24, 2008

Your Input Please

I've been invited to be a vendor at at summer craft fair & I've been going back & forth with it.

* It would be really fun & would motivate me to really focus on making handmade items.
* I have lots of new ideas of fun items to make
* I could gain more exposure to my shop.
* Anything left over would be listed in my etsy shop.
* Would I make money???
* The craft fair is in a really nice area & would take place outdoors right off of Lake Erie.

* The booth costs $75. Honestly, that's a lot for me. Any money I make through etsy goes straight to paying bills. Would I make my money back plus some????
* Trying to get lots of stuff made in just a few months time could really stress me out.
* Focusing most of my attention on working towards the fair could take my attention away from housekeeping & my kids.

What's a girl to do? Let me know what you think. Should I go for it or is it not a good idea?


Caitlin said...

I think you should do it, Candace. I think you could make the money back plus some and you're totally right about the exposure.

Amber said...

I agree! You should do it! I will even contribute to your fee. This will be awesome for you. You can totally do it. Yes it will be stressful & you will feel like you aren't giving your girls all the attention and the housework. But I know you can juggle all of it. It can all work out. Oh I'm so happy!

sweetjessie said...

I'm sure you'd make your money back, and you'll get to network a little bit and get your name out there as a local craft star!

Jessica said...

i totally agree with the other gals! it would get your shop name out there. you could work on stuff at night when your kids are sleeping. you are so talented, i totally think you should! i would love to see what you make too!

Heather said...

I know you want imput....
but ultimately it is you who has to decide. I'm sure you would do a fabulous job managing your time, but like you mentioned it could also prove to be stressful with all of the family responsibilities.

I know that you will make the right choice for you. Love ya!

Michelle said...

I'm sure it's completely diferent but our school had a craft fair and the tables were around $50 for crafters and the turn out was horrible. I felt bad for all the people who wasted their time and money. Chanel had a similiar experience with the craft fair she was involved in. I wonder if you could talk with other crafters to see if it would be worth it?

Melissa Everett said...

I think you should do it... I know that it would be a sacraficed and hard... but nothing in life comes easy and you are so talented... you will so make your money back... and what a boost to your etsy the stuff you dont sell! I am all for you doing it cause I know you will do great!!!

alexandra said...

I can see why you're conflicted about this... have you been to this event before?? Do you have to set up a 'booth' or is it just a table of your things? What type of customers does the venue attract? Are they creative and hip or old and dodgy?? Your stuff rocks - you just have to hit the right demographic for it.
You can do ANYTHING if you set your mind to it - sometimes you just have to take a leap! And... let the housework slide a little - seriously, let it go if you want to go for it.
Either way... we're here for you, always loving what you do... no matter what you choose.

Candace said...

you are totally getting it Alexandra. I have really no idea what to expect. How well attended the fair is....the type of people that would come out.

also the booth setup. i believe that a tent is provided, but what would i need to do to make it look appealing...i don't have a sign. also, bags.....i would need to buy bags to package any purchases in. that's another expense.

Holly said...

I'd do it for sure! With your talent, you will def. make your $ back, and you can sell everything else in Etsy... there's nothin to loose here! :) I think it sounds like an awesome opportunity!

wrightfamily said...

I'd say try it once and see if you like it. If it's too much trouble for what you get out of it, don't do it next time. Let us know what you decide. Have fun in Vegas!

jessi said...

I have struggled with this decision a couple of times and have never actually gone through with it (participating in a craft show that is). I got really close one time and then pulled out.

I think you could make your money back easily if it were a well attended show - is there anyway for you to get some more info on the show - possibly ask the organizers for contact info of crafters who have participated previously that might be willing to give their two cents?

I have also worried about the stress of getting so much ready all at once. I can barely keep my Etsy shop stocked most of time, so I sort of feel that if your Etsy shop is selling fairly well, there's not much reason to stress yourself out over a craft fair. Etsy is so easy and allows you so much freedom - I love it!

I guess in the end, it just depends on how you want to do things. I would like to participate in a craft show at some point, but right now it's just not going to happen.

ashley said...

hmmm, that is a hard one. but like someone said, you could work at it at night, and you don't need bags or a sign. i think you would do well, your stuff is so cute.

and like you said, you could etsy it if it does not sell. try it once, see how it goes!

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