Friday, July 18, 2008

Bug Home

Sadie is obsessed with bugs lately. Ever since we went to the library storytime about bugs. I swear she can spot them from a mile away & she loves to catch them. It was so cute when she caught her first lightning bug on the 4th of July.

So I decided to do a little craft with her. We transformed an oatmeal container into a little bug home for her. I sprayed the container with primer & then let her paint it. She went on & on about how she's an artist & so is Daddy & Mommy & Claire. Cute thing. Once it dried I cut an opening & then taped pink tulle fabric on the inside. Some other kind of sturdier netting would probably work better here, but we like to use what we already have on hand.

Then it was outside to fill it with some leaves & bugs. We had a hard time finding bugs in the 90 degree heat so we'll have to try again another day, but she did manage to find one rollie pollie. Which she later told me that she broke him & he was jelly inside. Nice.


Ariane said...

What a great idea! You are so clever! I love that Sadie knows how artistic her family is! (I also love that she broke her rolly polly and that he was full of jelly - that's funny!)

Melissa Everett said...

Nice! Rollie pollies are jelly inside! That is a way cute idea! I love that sadie knows she is apart of a family of artist! Very cute!

chanel said...


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