Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little Photog

We have an old, crappy digital camera that we let Sadie mess around with. She gets on kicks where she walks around taking photos like crazy. Well, she ran out of space on her memory card so we finally uploaded them today. Take a look. I probably posted way too many, but they make me laugh.

naked barbies in their pink convertible


self portrait

front windows

there are tons of shots of me. most of them make me feel really super ugly. seriously, she needs to get better at portraits. :) see those bags under my eyes? nice, huh.

taught her how to do this one. hold the camera out & take a photo together.

daddy leaving for work.

the dining room light fixture. i think she had like 5 shots of this

little baby Claire


little Claire again. mess of fabric in the back.

caterpillar on a picnic table leg.


Dylan said...

Oh man. I'm getting all teary. Why? I have no idea. Very awesome.

Lisa said...

I love this idea! What a beautiful way to see the world from her point of view. I think her self portrait is my favorite, such a sweetie.

Melissa Everett said...

I love when little kids take pictures of things... it is so funny what they consider photo worthy! And Candace... you are beautiful!

Jessica said...

thats funny! i have been letting addie play with my old digital too. she loves it! and it is hilarious to me what she takes pics of. so cute! way to go for starting her young!

Keri said...

I agree that it's fun to see what our kids take pictures of. And Sydney's shots of my are pretty much always very unflattering, too. I do think that Sadie's shot of the dining room light is really artistic & cool. Good job, Sadie!

Anonymous said...

These shots are great. Hope has a digital camera and I love uploading her pics and seeing the world through her eyes. She loves door pictures. I think I may have a picture of every door she has ever come across (grandma's, uncles, the community center, ours, the neighbors, the hotel we stayed at last, my office, the list goes on and on). I think it's a great idea to teach her young to appreciate what beauty there is in the simple things around us (even if it's a door).

Amber said...

We loaded a bunch of pics from a camera that the boys got for xmas & it is so funny to see what they take pics of. What they see & at their level.

miss chris said...

Ack! We DO have the same haircut! hee. You cutie. Both of you.

chanel said...

cool. i like the one of dylan leaving- your profile. im thinking- candace is up when dylan leaves? thats nice.

i love seeing their perspective.

Cherine said...

I see a photographer in the future! Seriously though LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

It is so funny what little kids come up with! Thanks so much for sharing her "talent!"

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