Thursday, July 03, 2008

Not So Wordy

You may have noticed my new posting style around here...a photo & maybe a line or two about it. I have been so preoccupied with preparing for the summer market. I've been working every night when my kids go to bed. The working all day as a mom & then starting on my 'second job' the minute they go to sleep is starting to take it's toll on me. And to top it off I feel like I'm not producing as much product as I should. I'm T-I-R-E-D every night & I miss hanging out with my husband once the kids are down.

I'll fill you in though on what we've been up to around here:

Me: Eating a nectarine every day. Listening to the Mates of State Rearrange Us album daily. Wading through messy mountains of fabric.

Dylan: Reading comic books. Making cool music mixes. Designing business cards for me.

Sadie: Playing make believe constantly. Still talking about Shark Boy & Lava Girl non-stop since our visit to Grandma's house. Learning her letters.

Claire: Loving being outside. Eating fruit like crazy. Saying words like: mama, dada, deedee, go, dog, ball, nana (banana), buhbos (bubbles) and cracker.

We had plans to go watch Bee Movie at our local park where the city was playing it outside on a big screen, but it ended up being rainy. We decided to rent the movie & blow up our air mattress in the living room. You would not believe the bouncing & giggling coming from the girls when we first blew it up. It was so much fun.

Happy 4th tomorrow! We are very excited for the parade in the morning. :)


Melissa Everett said...

that is a good idea... the blow up mattress that is. I am sure all your hard work and sacrafice will pay off! Hang in there!

Amber said...

You gotta love shark boy & lave girl!!

chanel said...



alexandra said...

You have been so busy lately BUT soon you will be done and oh so proud of yourself!! Can't wait to hear about how the summer market goes - it's gonna be great!!
Hang in there - you're fabulous!!

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