Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Finished another quilt for the market this Saturday. I used vintage florals again but added in some linen & seersucker. It is so soft and perfectly wrinkly & I love it with all my heart.

Last night I did get some sewing in but Dylan cut me off at 10:00. Then I still didn't manage to get to sleep until midnight because we were laying in bed talking up a storm. Too much anxiety over this show & all that needs to get done still. One thing we talked about was how I should price these quilts. Any suggestions?


Jessie said...

beautiful quilt, Candace. Just breathe. The show will be great.

chanel said...

so nice! you're amazing. glad dylan pulled in the reins.

pricing is hard. Im cheap so I'll low ball you, don't ask me.

im feeling like sewing- FINALLY. nausea is relieving. NEED your HELP!!!

Keri said...

The quilt is amazing. I couldn't tell you on a price, but it seems that when I've seen homemade things like that, they tend to be pricey. What price that means? I have no idea... Is this show a place where people can negotiate? I'm guessing if it's decently priced and someone really wants it, they could always negotiate with you. Then again, it so beautiful I'm betting you would love to keep it.

Anonymous said...

So calming and beautiful. Love it.

Jessica said...

out of the two, this one is my fav! so absolutly adorable! i would pay 50 to 60 for it.

miss chris said...

I love how you blended the linen in there. How big is it? $50, at a craft show. You can always mark it down later or sell it on etsy... ) Love it. Breathe, honey. You're going to do GREAT. :)

jennifer said...

i love this one perhaps even more than the last (which i love love). maybe it's the addition of the greys/linens, i don't know.
just to let you know, i still struggle with the whole pricing issue, but for now i use the formula of cost of materials + labor (figuring in an hourly wage that you think is fair) - and be sure to include the time you spent developing a design/idea, as well.
what you make is beautiful, unique, not mass-produced by any means. handmade is very personal and either appreciated or not - don't lowball yourself, because your time, efforts in sourcing lovely vintage materials, quality control and the little bits of yourself that are in every piece are worth every penny.

alexandra said...

I completely agree with Jennifer - factor in your time (all of it) and your materials and DON'T lowball it - your talent and the uniqueness of your items are worth a lot and good customers will recognize that and treasure the piece once they own it.
You are doing so beautifully - hope you'll take pictures of the booth once it's all set up!!

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