Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yummy Food

You seriously must try this recipe for Flank Steak. It is incredible. Your man will love you for making it. Recipe can be found here.

I also wanted to mention that my favorite salad right now is romaine with chopped cucumbers, feta cheese crumbles, craisins & a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Yum!


Caitlin said...

Cucumbers and feta cheese. Is there anything better? I love Greek salad but I hate olives. I pick out the olives.

Keri said...

Mmmm...I printed the recipe out before I even commented! I think I'm going to buy a flank steak for this next time I go to the store! And I'm SURE Randy will love me for it! Thanks!

Helen said...

That recipe looks delish, will try it this week for sure :-) loved the previous post, its so good to see everyones little quirks, makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one :-P Glad to see your market went well, love all that you create, thanks for sharing

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