Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hair & A School Bag

I go way too long between haircuts (another thing I do to try & stretch our dollars). I usually have about two weeks where I'm hating my hair. Today, I'd had enough of looking like a shaggy dog, so I pulled it back into a ponytail. Only problem is that the front half isn't long enough to fit in the ponytail. No problem, right. I can rock this. I actually do think it looks cute. So this is how I'll be wearing my hair until my appointment Saturday morning.

Sadie starts preschool tomorrow. Oh goodness, am I nervous & excited at the same time. I decided to go with a tote bag for her school bag this year, rather than a backpack. This one was $2.99 at Pat Catans & I just ironed some wonder under to some fabric, traced some leaves, peeled off the backing & ironed it onto the bag. Done! It's a nice sturdy canvas. It fits her folders perfectly & has enough room for art projects and such. We're good to go.

**Just a heads up. I will be holding a silent auction here on the blog this Thursday for Design Mom's Nie Nie Day. All proceeds to benefit the Nielson family. I've been working the past few days on something special. :)


Anonymous said...

the hair? rockable! the bag? fabulous!(what a nice mommie)

oh, and... cool blog.

Jessica said...

i wear my hair in a pony alot! its just so hot here. and it keeps it out of my face when chasing children all day! i love your twitter comments. i can relate to alot of them! like the junior mints! my favorite road trip treat!

Amber said...

Your hair is cute! At least you can put it in a pony. I can't!! :(

Michele said...

That's how I am with my haircuts...right now I'm well over due for one. It's all about sporting the ponytail.

Oh, and the school bag looks great!

Melissa Everett said...

you look cute no matter what! And that bag... I love it! Way cute! Im sure Sadie loves it too!

chanel said...

I used the orange bag I won from you for Julia's preschool "show n share" item each week. :)
Can't wait to hear how it goes.

andrea said...

Cute hair :) I know, I need a hair cut soon too!

I made two of those bags for my sister in law's birthday present....and a bookmark. They are so cute! Good idea. I stitched over mine with a zig zag.

I can't believe Sadie starts school tomorrow! Good luck!

ashley said...

you + that bag are too cute. i love the short pony!

Helen said...

Good Luck to you and Sadie, first day of school is so exciting. Glad I am not the only one who waits until her hair drives her crazy and gets put in a ponytail to get a haircut, just thought I was being lazy :-P Its one thing I dont like to spend alot of money on. If it gets really bad I just cut it myself, not always a good look though.
Helen xxxxx

alexandra said...

You are so seriously rocking that pony-tail - love the way it looks. You're so pretty Candace!
And... lots of love for the tote bag - I have wanted to try that iron-on trick with a few of H's t-shirts (a few stains I just can't get out and I'd love to cover them with something cute).
Happy Wednesday!

the fellers said...

i LOVE the hair!

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