Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Questions

Chanel asks: How much do you love me?

Seriously, she asked that! But the answer is...very much. That girl is so funny & so easy to be around. She is honest. Man is she honest. When you are around her she just makes you happy. She has one of the best laughs in the world. I wish we lived down the street from each other. Check out this video that we made her for her birthday. (Her super cute husband gathered videos from all her cool is that!)

She also asked: Does the size of a man's ears REALLY matter??????

Sorta, yeah. By the way, that's in reference to Michael Phelps.

Where do you see yourself (not just physically) in ten years?

In ten years I see myself done having babies. Sadie will be a teenager. Yikes! I see myself continuing to sew, hopefully. I hope to be working with Dylan, supporting him with his career or working on some type of creative venture together. I hope to be in our permanent residence, wherever that will be. With a new vacuum cleaner & a new sofa & a cool backyard. I hope to have improved many of my personality flaws & I hope to have a crazy amount of love for my family.

what celebrity are you most fascinated by and why?

I don't really have much care for celebrities, but we all now that I've loved Martha forever. Do I really need to explain that one?


chanel said...

YOU make me laugh- WHY did you answer that?!?!?
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for that video, I LOVED it and we were all sooooo impressed with your creativity and ability to come up with so many ways to make letters! I especially loved hearing your voice!!!!

I soooooo wished we lived by each other again- someday- 10 years now so I can hang in that cool backyard of yours or just chillin on your new sofa! :)


sunnie_fairy said...

sounds like you have a good friend! :]

Amber said...

That was such a cute video. I'm sure that just made Chanel smile!!

Jessica said...

hey candace! whats your address so i can mail this loverly fabric to ya! you can email me....
thanks! Jess

Michelle said...

Your video was cute Candace and it was so you! If you and Chanel live by each other again we'll just have to join you and have crazy FHE nights with all our kids!

andrea said...

I love that video! How cool. I would love to meet her, she sounds awesome.

Brooke said...

I'm diggin the video! That was so sweet of her hubby and why does Dylan make me laugh so hard! I're used to it! I love your answers to the where will you be in 10 years question...I love the part on working on personality flaws and having crazy amounts of love for your fam. I love that and I'm gonna put that on my list too! You are great!

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