Monday, August 11, 2008


Have you seen Dylan's amazing posters that I've been adding to the shop? Here is a sampling of them. Head over to the shop to see the different color combinations that each poster is available in.

BFF poster:

La La Love You Poster:

Mixtape = Love Poster:

It's a Hard World For Little Things Poster:

They are beautiful. I love them all & talk about affordable art! Dylan also just posted his take on our falling in love story today over on his blog. Be sure to head over there & read it for a good chuckle.

3 comments: said...

I love the BFF one. It would totally match my computer room too!

Anonymous said...

You too are totally amazing I love you all SO MUCH.

J. to the Todd...Peace.

missknits said...

these posters are awesome! i was just browsing around on blogs and came by yours and surprise surprise you are on etsy too! too cool!

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