Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've listed a few scarves in the shop. I really, really love both of these scarves. The patchwork one was really fun to put together. Sorta like a mini quilt. It's great to be able to use smaller pieces of fabric & complete a project with them. This one in particular is backed in fleece & it is super soft & snuggly. I'm happy with the gray against the blue & white & the little pop of linen makes me smile. I plan to make a smaller one for Sadie & may make some kiddo ones for the shop as well. We'll see what the demand is.

The orange plaid fringe scarf is another that I love with all my heart. It is really comfy. I made one for myself & plan on wearing it all through fall. This fabric was a super lucky thrift store find!!


Amber said...

What a good idea Candace! I love it.

chanel said...


amanda said...

you are one crafty friend i have.

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