Monday, September 29, 2008

Stress & Lasagna

I opened up the blinds on my front windows today to see that the leaves on the big tree out front had almost completely changed color. I love fall, but I couldn't help but be super stressed at this sight. Immediately a list of to-do's came to mind. I need to:

* pack up all the kids' summer clothes
* make sure they are have warm clothes for fall & winter...which means I need to shop.
* make their pajamas for the colder months
* start working on Christmas gifts
* get my shop ready for holiday shopping

I do love doing all of these things, so why am I stressed out of my mind? I will take it day by day & maybe I'll just have to drop a few things off my list along the way.

I made this lasagna from Everyday Food Magazine on Saturday night. I left out the prosciutto (Dylan will be bummed when he reads that). My family loved it. I was worried about their reaction because of the amount of spinach, but they really enjoyed it. Whoever invented oven ready lasagna noodles is a genius.


Andy and Shay said...

I so agree about the all of a sudden to do's, I had the same thought about the clothes this morning too. Good luck with everything and I will definetly try the lasagna.

Dylan said...

I would be a lot more bummed about tricking me into eating a buttload of spinach and missing out on (yum) prosciutto if that lasagna wasn't so dang tasty.

chanel said...

thanks for all these super great recipes! you rock!
yeah i can't imagine why you're stressed, just take it one day at a time and be able to let some things go, like MAKING PJS!!! I know they are awesome, but if it saves you time while you can get shop stuff made, a good ol pair of store bought pjs will suffice.

LOVE YOU! Been thinking about you so much, esp after the RS broadcast, sure wish with all my heart we were closer!!!!

Rolyndia said...

The lasagna sounds delish. I may have to try it and see if my kids will eat it.

I feel the same about the to do list. It never seems to end.

Jen Rose said...

I might have to be trying that recipe! I know you probably feel stressed but don't you just love fall??

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