Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Feel Like Sharing a Little Bit Today

This photo is for Heather & all the rest of you who live in places where trees like this don't exist. This is what we see these days when we look out our front windows. We are on the second floor so we get a beautiful view of the tops of the trees.

My best snuggler this morning: a blond haired, scraped nose, 1-1/2 year old wearing just a diaper. See those teeth? I just LOVE baby teeth. Working on that one item on my list. Pulling out my camera more often to snap photos of the girls.

Friday, October 10, 2008

And I Am Now 29 Years Old

Amy nudged me to join in on her list exercise & I honestly wasn't gonna do it. I'm no good at making lists to begin with & I'm certainly no good at completing things especially when I am given such a long time frame. but darn it, as I was vacuuming that day, I couldn't stop thinking about what would be on my list. So here I am, on my birthday, making such a list. Heaven help me to actually do all these things. As Miss Doobleh-vay says: "These lists are meant to be realistic and in the spirit of being good to yrself." I feel that this is a good thing. It can help me to be happier & a better person.

29 things to do before I turn 30:

1. Make cinnamon rolls
2. Take a family hike
3. Visit Amish country
4. Make a dress for Sadie
5. Make a dress for Claire
6. Write 4 love letters to my husband
7. Take photos of my children daily
8. Be a better friend
9. Be a better sister
10. Spend more time doing...less time on the computer
11. Organize the craft room/office
12. Buy myself a new pair of slippers
13. Find a local charity & do some service
14. Eat less meat
15. Host a party
16. Make a piece of clothing for myself
17. Bake bread
18. Learn to sew a zipper in
19. Play with my kids more
20. Grow some tomatoes
21. Get to 500 sales in my etsy shop
22. Go camping
23. Catch a lightning bug
24. Organize & donate some of the kids' toys
25. Make a mix cd
26. Go to a baseball or basketball game
27. Pay off one credit card bill
28. Send more 'happy mail' to friends & family
29. Love more

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Taking Some Time Off

It's been 5 days since my last post & 5 days since I last took a photo with my camera. I've been going through some emotional stuff lately. I'm worn out & tired. So instead of leaving you hanging, I'm going to officially take a break.

I may pop in to show you my kids' Halloween costumes, if I ever get them made.

Take care!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thinking of Giving

So, I'm feeling a little more grounded, a little less overwhelmed & a little excited about the upcoming giving season. I've received the names of family members that we are exchanging gifts with this Christmas & I've pretty much nailed down what I will be giving them. Of course I want to make all the gifts & I will try my darndest to do just that.

(vintage linen scarf & vintage patchwork coaster set will be added to the shop later today)

I am sticking with my handmade pledge from last year. This year more than ever with the economy going to crap, I think it's more important to support the crafters & artists out there that are working their tails off. The items that I am unable to produce myself, I will be purchasing from other etsy sellers.

I have, have, have to plug my super cool sister's shop. Just Be Jewelry is absolutely perfect for gift giving because you are able to customize items. Remember my super cool necklace? It doesn't get more perfect than that. If you have something special in mind, just send Amber & Jen a convo & they can make it happen!

Dylan also has a really, really good new mix up for this month. It has a great energy & is just perfect for listening to in the background while you are easing into these colder, busy months ahead. Go download & enjoy. If you like it, be sure to give him some props by leaving a comment on his blog.
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