Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ahhhh, Yes

Things are getting better around here. A little better each day, in fact. We still have moments of sadness here & there, but we are trying to move on & enjoy this holiday season. Thank you for all of your kind words on the last post. They really helped me a lot. I considered leaving the comments off on that one, but knew that your words & thoughts would be so kind & helpful. Thank you.

I cannot believe how amazing our friends out here have been. They have been right here with food & phone calls & hugs & it has been so uplifting & wonderful. Thanks to all who have offered help. The world is full of amazing, wonderful, good people. I really am overwhelmed by your support. Thank you.

We finally finished up our Christmas decorating. The tree was waiting for me to add some berry branches & now that it's complete I remember how much I love, love, love my Christmas tree. I thought that this would be the year that I'd be ready for all new stuff...not so. And last night I did some sewing. It felt wonderful. I am excited to get in the groove of making holiday gifts. I love sewing at night with the house decked out for Christmas & cold snow outside. I'll share what I can along the way!!

Merry Christmas!


Keri said...

I love your tree. Where did you get the berry branches at? I need to do something a little different to my needs something more. You've also inspired me to make a few homemade things this Christmas season. Thanks!

Candace said...


I got my berry branches at Joanns 4 or 5 years ago in the floral section & I just stick them in the tree branches.

breckster said...

Hi, I've been lurking in and out for the past year or so. I had a miscarraige 7 months ago, it takes a lot to get me pregnant so I can empathize. Our stake had a special meeting with Elder Holland a few weeks ago, and in the list of things that were legitimate heart aches (wanting to be married-but not, divorce, death of loved one, losing a job) he included wanting a child-but not getting one. He mentioned it twice. And then he said, "This gospel is one of happy endings." It is, and while I have that pain in my heart and the nagging "incomplete" feeling I am thankful for this season were it is really easy to remember that this gospel really is one of happy endings.

Cherine said...

I liked breckster's comment!!!! I like your tree too. Hope you are feeling better! Love ya!

chanel said...

So glad you are doing better, we have been thinking about you all weekend and wishing so much I could be bringing you food and giving you hugs! I went to buy a card but they were super cheesy- whats wrong with Hallmark? Just like the Chrsitmas cards in the husband section that on the front say, "To My Lover" ewwwwwwww!
hope that made you smile!

anyway I LOVE your tree, ALWAYS have! You have such a great eye for arranging things like that. I also like the Belle ornament! ;) OUr tree is ever the circus tree, not at all stylish, but fun- more Belle less berry branches. :) And our favorite is the star you made us, it was great fun deciding WHO would get to put it on top this year.

I have been waiting to call you so as not to bug, but I can only hold out so much longer. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Candace-
I read your post and I was thinkiong of what I wanted to say then got distracted and never wrote anything! We have been thinking of you though. I'm glad you are finding some cheer in the holidays. Your tree looks great!

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