Monday, December 22, 2008

Hello Winter

We're staying in today. Luckily there are no errands that need to be done! The goal for today is to do all my weekly chores so that we can enjoy the holiday.

I finished up the last of my sewing last night. I didn't even finish half of the handmade gifts I originally set out to make. I'm giving myself a break because of all I've been through this last little while. Next year I will try again to be better & start in the summer time. For now I am just too exhausted. Dylan put his foot down & told me I couldn't start any more gift projects at this point. Although, I did have a few softies in mind for the girls....I know he's right. I need to get some rest & focus on other things, like wrapping & baking & remembering where I hid all those gifts.

We are supposed to warm up a little in the next few days. All I have left to do is shop for food. It's our first Christmas on our own as a family. I'm planning to make my mom's cinnamon rolls. I've never made them before, but Chanel has. She says they're easy & so I'm not too worried. It's fun to choose traditions from each side of our family to use & to make some up on our own as well. It feels great to be doing Christmas in our own place this year. I will miss our family tons, but we're excited. No need to sit around & be sad, right? We are so blessed. So very blessed & I can't stop thinking about that this week.

What are you doing today? What are your holiday traditions?


the fellers said...

I too am getting all my weekly chores done today so that I can relax. We always celebrate on chritmas eve...dont know why, but both Shon and I's families do Christmas Eve...I am so happy, my mom and sisters are coming this week, it is going to be so much fun! Merry Christmas, way to go for relaxing, you need it!

Amber said...

I can't believe it is 6 degrees!! That's cold!
We are probably going to baking today so we can deliver some goodie plates to friends. I am going to miss you guys this year.

jenny said...

Hi Candace. Today I am actually back at work after missing a few days due to the storm that hit us here. I am going to be home soon to finish up a few chores, and then tommorow the baking will begin! :) We are having a bit of family over for Christmas Eve. Have a wonderful holiday.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I just worked out what 6'F is in celsius! that is so cold. We had 95'F here yesterday. What a difference. Hope you all manage to stay warm and have a very Merry Christmas.
Helen (Melbourne, Australia) xxxxx

chanel said...

Hey you, apparently my tradition is to mail your famly a little treat TODAY! Whatever- I was trying a bit too hard and wanting it to come together better, instead it will just be a little something fun to open, nothing is even wrapped- sorry! ANd I put "magic reindeer food" in there, so I HOPE HOPE HOPE you get it by Wednesday, but if not you can save it for next year. :)

Ummmm, yay for making the rolls!! THEY RULE!!! Im making them too. :) AND Dylan's mom's cheese ball- what would I do without you and your wonderful influence in my life?????
I LOVE you and hope your CHristmas is the BEST ever!

Cherine said...

We went sledding today and it was snowing pretty good. We got pounded so bad with snow it took 15 minutes to get our car dug out from the street.

I guess getting together with the cousins going sledding and coming up with the most W.T sled ever, and hot chocolate after is a tradition we have enjoyed the past couple of years!

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