Friday, January 30, 2009

Craft, Inc.

I first read Craft, Inc. back in June and loved it. It's packed full of information & I'm imagining that it's the most enjoyable 'business' book there is for crafters & creative thinkers. I asked Dylan to pick it up at the library for me again because I've been doing a lot of thinking about my little crafty business & how I'd like to make it better. I definitely recommend this book for any of you looking to or already selling your handmade goods. Check it out sometime.


Jessica said...

i have seen this book, i will have to look at the library for it. ive been trying to get more traffic at my shop, cant force that i guess. if people want, they will buy.
i love your photo project too. so lovely.
thanks for the recommendation! :)

Almost empty nester said...

i have been thinking of using my crafting for profit and have been wondeing how...i will stop by my library and see if i can get the book. Thanks for the tip.

ashley said...

that a cool idea for a book... wish i took more time to try and craft these days!

somehow i didn't add your blog to my google reader and have been lost for so long, but am happy to check your blog again whenever you post! love your photo project with your sister, great idea!

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