Friday, February 06, 2009

500 Is Good & Introducing Tuff

Around our house this week, we were really excited to see the Sparkle Power esty shop hit 500 sales. I remember starting out on etsy, I'd watch the shops of other stay at home moms like Kelly & Jennifer. I really admired their sales totals. 350 & 500 sales seemed incredible to me & I never though I'd reach those marks. And I really thought that 500 would take me a while to get to, that's why I put it on my bucket list. Feels good today to know that I should have set that mark a bit higher.

I really couldn't have reached this point without Dylan's wonderful posters. Getting here has really been a team effort. Go Team Sparkle Power!

Now Dylan's got his very own etsy shop called Tuff Industries. He's listed some new posters which are a little more "him" & not so sparkle powerish. Just like Dylan himself, these designs are a bit silly & goofy & a little irreverent, but very cool & sure to make you laugh. Here are a few of my favorites:


Heather said...

way to go!!

kirsten said...

those are hilarious! awesome.

misschris said...

Congrats! I remember when you first opened. I'm so happy for you.

That last poster might be something I have to pick up for a friend. Seriously. That's hilarious.

Lori said...

lol these are cool!

Melissa Everett said...

Congrats! i am so proud of you! I knew that you would get there very soon! Dylans posters are hilarious!! very dylanish!!

chanel said...

dylan makes me laugh!!!

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