Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Work It!

I've been adding a sticker to the calendar for every day that I exercise. In fact just before sitting down to write this, I added another sticker for today. I haven't missed a day since starting my routine on the 9th & I must say that I'm pretty proud of myself. Although I do love how good I feel when I'm exercising on a normal basis, it's hard for me to find time to fit it in & quite frankly I'd rather spend my extra time doing something else...like sewing. I decided it was time to get my butt in gear. I want to feel better about myself & I want to look better.

Somebody said that you have to think of exercise like something you just have to do each day, like making dinner or giving the kids a bath...You just have to do it. I picked a time in my day when I could fit it in. Just after I drop Sadie off at preschool in the afternoon & I lay Claire down for her nap. I'm don't allow myself to look at the computer or do housework, I have to go straight to the DVD player & put on my workout disc. No getting sidetracked. I'm doing the Slim in 6 program. I struggled the first 2 days with super sore muscles & I just didn't have the stamina or strength to do the entire program without taking breaks. I could only do 3 push ups when starting...now I can do 20 or more.

I'm not seeing results on the scale yet, but I can definitely see that I'm getting stronger & tighter. My pants are a little loose around my waist & I'm seeing muscle definition. The program has 3 levels. You do each level for 2 weeks & then move up to the next. I just started the second level yesterday & it's kicking my butt big time, but I'm excited to keep going & gain the strength to master this one & be able to move up yet again.

I originally started out with the plan that I'd buy myself an iPod if I get through the whole 6 weeks. I thought I needed that motivation. But I'm not even thinking about that iPod anymore. All I'm thinking about is what I'll look like in the end.


alexandra said...

So happy that you're finding your groove with exercise!
You should be so proud of yourself!!
I like your idea about getting right to it after you drop Sadie off - I should do that after I drop the twins off at Sr Kindergarten.
And don't think too much about the number on the scale - muscle weighs more than fat so for the first little bit you'll notice (just like you wrote) the benefits in other areas.
So proud of you - thanks for inspiring me!!

the fellers said...

Good job! I am so proud of you! it is so hard to motivate yourself to do it everyday, so just getting to that point of wanting to is a big step! I have heard someone that once you do something 10 days in a row it is a habit and you have a hard time breaking it...I promise that is true for me....now, when I DONT exercise, I am so frustrated the next day, adn I am actually sore the next day, from lack of stretching, etc....The sticker thing is a great idea....why do kids only get stickers when they do something they are supposed to? Adults like them too!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work-- I wish I could get back on that train. Once short season comes I might be suddenly motivated.

Shooting Starchild said...

I love sticker charts. I'm trying to get into a workout habit. Thanks for the inspiration!

amanda said...

that is so great. i did the sticker thing too i think it helps.

pamela said...

i know this is an old post but i saw exercise and thought.. hm, i wonder what she's doing. i cracked up because i just ordered the slim in 6 and moved up to the second level. my daughter thinks it's hilarious (she's 15months) and *does it with me*. she even does the exagerated breathing!

Lourdes said...

you inspire me !
Thank you very much!
I´ll start now my excercise rutine.
I bought a DVD 4 months ago....
Now it´s the time...
thanks a lot!

PS: It´s the firts time that I visit your Homepage, you have a new fan.

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