Friday, April 03, 2009

Etsy Finds Friday

I believe in handmade and I love etsy with all my heart. I plan to start sharing some of my favorite etsy finds with you every Friday. All of my picks are items that I would love to own myself. There are SO many beautiful handcrafted & vintage items out there for our enjoyment.

The rainy day we're experiencing out here in Ohio obviously influenced my choices for today. :)

1. Shoulder Bag in Green by bayabhippo
2. Reusable Vegetable Bags by wonderthunder
3. One of Those Days by ashleyg
4. Blue and Orange Cozy Quilt by auntjune
5. 4-Ever Print by SilhouetteBlue
6. moss terrarium No. 95 by madebymavis


Leslie said...

i'm excited to see your picks each week, these are all wonderful finds!

littlegreen said...

k, good thing it deleted my first comment, because i basically admitted how much i love you, oops, did it again... no really though, just stumbled across your blog/etsy/flickr today. love it. thanks for the last ten minutes of pure inspiration, inspiration for craftiness, family fun, and much more. you are definitely getting bookmarked as part of my daily crafty goodness fix. thanks!

Lori said...

i am also looking forward to ur pics!
love all of these!
we are about to atempt our first moss terrarium!
i need the reusable bags.
i was just saddened by the abundant use of plastic bags at the grocer last week.
sad thing is i dont really need the veggies in the bags!!
and the tree print is the best.
i am gonna have to make me one.
i am pretty handy in photoshop so i feel bad buying things i can make. KWIM!

Lori said...

oh and BTW! I got my coupon! cant wait to cash it in, bring home my new cleaner, take a photo and show it off on my blog!! nice chance to plug you!! thanks!!

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