Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Claire!

When we went to the hospital to have Sadie & found out that she was breech & that I'd need to have a c-section, that was by far the scariest day of my life up until that point. Nothing could top it, but Dylan & I felt so much closer after coming through that experience together. Little did we know that the delivery of Claire a few years later would completely blow our original "most scary day ever" out of the water. There are many things I can't remember too well, thanks to morphine, but I do remember those few moments of panic from the time we left the delivery room & headed to the operating room. I was in tears. Finally I heard that baby girl cry. She was fine as could be, weighing 7 lbs. 12 0z., smaller than her sister had been, and I knew that dainty name we had been feeling we'd use, would fit her after all.

I often think of that scary day....actually scary day & night as we then had to worry about my condition post-surgery, but that's another story for another time. I think about the way this little one came into the world & how much easier everything has been since that day. She is a joy. And I am thankful for her & how wonderfully she fits into our family. My favorite moments really are when we are all giggling at something cute she's done. We simply adore her. I just cannot resist her soft milky white skin & hair & those deep brown eyes.

A few things about you right now, Claire:

* You are such a good sleeper. I think it's so adorable that you just roll over in your bed & go to sleep.
* You are still a good eater & use your fork really well. You're not that big into milk.
* You play dress up every day.
* You love to go to church.
* You love to watch the birds.
* You make crazy eyes sometimes.
* You love to dance to music & quite often I can sing you a song to cheer you up.
* You are quite the little talker. Lately we like to hear you say "post office" & "delicious"
* When I ask you if you want something to eat, you say "yes" & then "tummy" while rubbing your belly.
* You are starting to count & say some letters in the alphabet. I think that you are starting to memorize the order.
* You LOVE candy. You go nuts when you want some & you keep saying "more" after each piece.
* You say "um hum....yeah"
* You are very possessive of Daddy from the time he gets home from work until bed time.
* You want to do everything that Sadie is doing.

A lot changes in a year, doesn't it? Happy Birthday, Claire. We love you!


kirsten said...

Yay! Happiest of days, little girl!

Lori said...

sweetness! happy birthday to your baby! isnt it amazing how a new baby will open up a new part of your heart only they could fill. thats how it is with my second pregnancy. i had my twins first and was so perfectly happy but my Molly found a way to just open a part of me that needed her.

Erin L said...

I can't believe she is 2 already! Time really has flown since we were in the PP together. I hope we head that direction for med school, and get to see you guys.

misschris said...

Aw, this is so sweet. Isn't she a dolly??! Happy Birthday Claire!

Kimberly said...

happy birthday Claire!!

She is too cute!!

chanel said...

yay! she's so cute! it is amazing she is already two!! i love hearing her in the background when we talk. happy BIRTHday!

andrea said...

Happy Birthday to Claire! She looks so grown up with her pig tails! I looked at last years! I can't believe how fast time goes, it's insane.

(Oh and I saw my comment on that you remember that day with the doll! Funny stuff. )

alexandra said...

Sigh.... what a lovely little list about Claire. She's so adorable and she sounds like a bundle of fun and love.
Sending my very best birthday wishes.
Happy, happy birthday Claire!!!

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