Friday, May 29, 2009

Etsy Finds Friday

My sewing machine is back home & in working condition again. It's crazy just how incomplete I felt for those 6 days that we were apart. Unfortunately, last night I was feeling sick & went to bed early, so I didn't even get to do any sewing. I anticipate getting to it tonight though & my etsy finds are very much influenced by this.

1. 70s Sunshine Yellow & Electric Blue Pin Cushion by Blue Hair Knits
2. Happy Together by Rosie Music
3. Vintage Yellow Buttons by Paper Cakes
4. Anna Maria Horner Good Folks Fat Quarters by Whipstitch Fabrics
5. I AM A SEWING MACHINE by Red Paper Record
6. 1o Wooden Spools of Thread/ Vintage by johnmo


Deborah said...

My machine was hit by lightening--really!!--a few years ago, and was gone for nearly 6 weeks. It was excruciating. I was glad to have a backup, but there's nothing like your very own machine...

Thanks so much for featuring our shop! Those Anna Maria fabrics are so, so fantastic--I never get tired of them, ever.

Oh, and I've been lusting after that tee shirt for months now!

Blue Hair Knits / minusOne jewelry said...

Ok. Now you've got me wanting one of those bikes with a tree house in back. But I do have an old Schwinn with a basket on front that makes me very happy. Thanks for letting me know about your blog and for your good words about my pin cushions. Congrats on the return of your machine.

Chelsea Ling said...

Oh THANK you for sharing my buttons on this lovely little blog! :) I love the spools image...

I am hoping to have some quality time this weekend with my sewing machine!! I have a mental block about my bobbin.. lol.


Marcie said...

OH my goodness!!! You have to check out

If you don't know who Jasmine Star is, well check her blog out! She is a totally fabulous photographer who is hired for the most sheek and fabulous weddings ... and the most recent wedding she posted had a couple who used one of your "La La Love You" posters in their high-class fancy-shmancy WEDDING DECOR.

I just had to drop you a note just in case you haven't seen the pics! Way to go ;)

chanel said...

yeah you need that shirt- its great!

liz said...

ack! that sewing machine t-shirt is so great.

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