Thursday, May 28, 2009

From The Archives: Homemade Bubbles

I shared this bubble recipe last year & it continues to be one of my most popular posts. We've mixed up two gallons of these bubbles in the last few days. My girls are loving them. With the big bubble wands they are easy enough for even Claire to do on her own. I noticed these bubble wands available again in the Target dollar spot just this week. Enjoy!

I mixed up these bubbles yesterday. We've taken them out two days in a row. I imagine this gallon of bubbles will last us quite a while.

1 gallon water
2/3 cup dishwashing soap
2-3 tbsp. glycerin

You can find glycerin in the pharmacy for a few dollars.

The bubble wands were found in the Target dollar spot. I've noticed that the bubbles worked even better the second day after the solution had some time to rest.

Fun, fun


Lori said...

not to be rude but are us ure this works. I tried it last time to no avail. actually this is how i found your blog now that i think about it. I was wondering why i started coming here.i remember trying this one and it not working so i tried another and the measurments were different. if u try this again let us know i want big bubbles!

Candace said...

We've been using them all weekend, Lori. Much to my daughter's delight. They work wonderfully for us. You can see the huge bubbles that we're getting in the photo above.

It may be the wands that are so wonderful for the big bubbles...I'm not sure. But we love this solution & it works great for us.

Lori said...

ok, i will give it a go again. i am gonna look for the wands at target hopefully i can find some. last year i went in a huge hunt in july. who knew by july they would be out of season. lol
thanks Candace! BTW ur sugar cookies were a hit for valentines so you do actually have the queen of sugar cookies title in my book.

Lori said...

lol! i had to jump on here and tell you. while vacumming i remembered why my bubbles did not work. I wrote the measurements down wrong but by this time my mommybrain got confused and forgot that i came here for the correct measurments. everyone Candace's bubbles do work!
ha ha! just write them down correctly.

Candace said...

too funny, Lori!! :)

Reece's said...

We too had a dud batch. I think it was due to the fact that we were using the green works dish soap. Have you tried that kind? What kind do you use?

Candace said...

I used Dawn dishsoap last year & right now we are using Ajax. I know that the solution works even better once it's had some time to sit. So I 'd also suggest making them the night before so they have the time to sit overnight.

My kids have been going through them like crazy & it's still working for us without the resting time.

Check out a great review of the bubbles here as well:

Vitty's mom said...

thank you so very much!!! we have been trying several other recipes for homemade bubbles and have had no luck! THESE WORKED WITHOUT SITTING, AND I AM SURE THEY WILL WORK BETTER TOMORROW! oh and we used tear free baby shampoo (the store brand) so when the bubbles pop they wont irritate the eyes!

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