Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Want It Too

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Keeping my fingers crossed. :)


iva yaneva said...

wow, this looks so pretty!

Lori said...

wowzers! i can see sadie following along on her big wheel now!!

chanel said...

a) this company is freakin SMART
b) i want one too
C) but do you think it is heavy?
d) who cares if its free!!!
e) they're giving away two, so here's to Me & You!!!

Sarah said...

I'm not a good enough rider for that! I can barely keep myself balanced much less me and some squirmy kids HAHA! Good luck - show us some action shots if you do win!

Erin L said...

I really love my bike and trailer. The nice thing about a trailer is I can take it off when I want to go for a ride by myself. Just the other day Dave and I went mountain biking and it was so fun! This is quite an innovation.

andrea said...

That is so funny, when Devin and I went to that black tie Boys and Girls club benefit they had one of these up for silent auction. It was the ONLY thing Devin would bid on :) But, we lost. It was sad....maybe someday!

andrea said...

I am putting this on my blog now, I'll click on yours a lot if you click on mine a lot.....and then whoever wins can cart the other in their back seat. Deal?

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